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Daffodil International Academy (DIA) is a newly bloomed independent educational institute that emerged from the former private institution, Daffodil Institute of IT (DIIT), which has been providing international quality education at an affordable cost to Bangladeshi and foreign students since 1997. In Bangladesh, the Daffodil International Academy (DIA) is a pioneer in offering international education. DIA has amassed a wealth of expertise working with numerous top universities around the world over the course of its prolonged journey. Currently, DIA collaborates with a number of prestigious universities, including the University of Greenwich and Cardiff Metropolitan University in the UK. As part of this cooperation, DIA closely collaborates with Pearson Edexcel, NCC Education, and the University of Greenwich and Cardiff Metropolitan in the UK to complete the top-up programs for the diploma and upper diploma programs, respectively. Additionally, we are in the midst of signing additional new relationships with other overseas universities and launching a direct Honours program at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

The DIA has developed a number of short courses that will assist students in developing better career opportunities in this extremely competitive job market at a reasonable price, with the goal of extending the learning emphasis from a predetermined curriculum toward a better and project-oriented as well as industry-academia collaboration. Many prominent and skilled mentors are delivering their best courses to students all around the world.

So let’s explore “today” to build a better “tomorrow” and aim for the “beyond” here with DIA.


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